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promote public-private partnerships for Economic Growth without Environmental Losses and support community & technology initiatives, which contribute to sustainable development practices.


create long-term strategic partnerships for Economic Growth without Environmental Losses to contribute to local and national sustainable development benefits in Ukraine;

bridge experience, knowledge and multilateral resources to promote sustainable development and prosperity in Ukraine through application of public-private partnership approach and cutting edge information and communication technologies (ICT);

provide its partners in development with advisory and training support in formulation and implementation of:

  • local, national and regional sustainable development strategies based on public-private partnerships and contributing to sustainable businesses development;
  • environmental action planning with integrated economic instruments and monitoring tools;
  • societal and sectoral policies & regulations, which meet environmental considerations and contribute to sustainable development practices;

contribute to development of environmentally sound regulatory and management infrastructure at national and local levels;

promote the involvement of intellectual potential of Ukraine into development of viable businesses and innovative ICT based solutions to improve investment climate in Ukraine and contribute to geographical diversification of Ukrainian economic relations;

contribute to building capacity of community based organizations and NGOs through training activity, advisory support and provision of relevant technology solutions.


Our philosophy stands for devotion to wisdom, transparency in decision making and implementing SMART approach when executing actions. Under SMART we do mean Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.