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The Ukraine-Habitat-II Project

General information

The Ukraine-Habitat-II Project was launched to promote transfer Chapters 7 and 21 of Agenda 21 in Ukraine into practice. 

On June 10, 1997 the Municipal Management Center (Ukraine), the International Habitat-Center (Georgia) and OGI International have established the permanently working International Forum "UKRAINE-HABITAT-II" as a mechanism for the Ukraine-Habitat-II Project implementation. It was realized in honor of the 19th Special Session of the UN General Assembly (23-27 June 1997). 

Within the framework of the Forum’s activity the Municipal Management Center is responsible for the Forum relations within Ukraine, the International Habitat-Center (Georgia) is carrying out coordination of the Forum’s activity in Transcaucasian region, and OGI is responsible for coordination and international relations of the Forum.

This structure makes possible bridging Best Practices experiences worldwide with Major Groups of Ukraine and promote the Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements and relevant Agenda 21 objectives into reality.

Over 50 cities and about 100 towns and villages of Ukraine are already involved in the work of the Forum.

The UKRAINE-HABITAT-II Project stipulates:

  • collecting, documenting and disseminating on local level the Best Practices of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda and Local Agenda 21 objectives in Ukraine and around the world;
  • bridging the Best Practices experiences of the international level together with the national and local levels in Ukraine;
  • promoting the development of policies for integrated management and institutional reform at the national level, and their transfer into practice on local level;
  • facilitating the horizontal communication between NGOs, local governments and self-governments, and other institutions;
  • encouraging the Best Practices Initiatives as means of awareness-making;
  • capacity building in the area through innovative leadership training activities delivery.

Within framework of the Forum’s Action Plan the following events and measures are being held:

  • Annual International Conferences "UKRAINE - HABITAT-II: Best Practices".
  • The intensive UNCHS/Habitat/ training-courses "MANAGEMENT IN SELF-GOVERNANCE" for councillors and leaders of Self-Governments of Ukraine.
  • The intensive UNCHS/Habitat/ training-courses "STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: PRACTICAL APPROACH".
  • The photo-video exhibition "FUTURE OF TOWNS & CITIES OF UKRAINE".
  • The establishing of a Library "HABITAT-II BEST PRACTICES" is being started.