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Local Environmental Action Planning Project

Analysis of Regulatory and Institutional Frameworks, and Formulation of Recommendations for Local Environmental Action Planning in Ukraine

Project research outline:

  1. Interrelation of local environmental action planning with economic & social development, environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.
  2. Existing situation in the area of Local Environmental Action Planning (LEAP) in Ukraine.
  3. Institutional and regulatory frameworks for local environmental action planning in Ukraine
    1. Functions of the key regulatory bodies (the President, the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet of Ministers, related Ministries, local governments, local communities (self-governing bodies) in the context of the LEAP process.
    2. Opportunities for scientific and NGO communities in the LEAP process.
  4. International experiences related to formulation and implementation of the LEAPs
    1. Analysis of the EU and CEE experiences.
    2. UN methodological approaches,
    3. Progress in and opportunities for adaptation of the EU experience and the UN methogology for the Ukrainian conditions.
  5. Draft proposal on the issues of, inter alia, formulation, adoption and implementation of the LEAPs in Ukraine, integration of the LEAPs into local economic and social development programming process to promote sustainable development and contribute to fulfilment of international commitments of Ukraine
    1. Conceptual approaches for advancement in the area of environmental protection and natural resources management to contribute to sustainable development practices.
      1. Purpose of the LEAPs.
      2. Key players in formulation and implementation of the LEAPs.
      3. Methodology and phases of the LEAP.
      4. Content and structure of the LEAP.
      5. Interrelation of the LEAPs and sectoral policies.
      6. Financing of the LEAPs.
    2. Opportunities for involvement of scientific community and NGOs.
    3. Proposal for regulatory framework advancement.