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The SOFIA+3 Project

Follow up activities planned to maximize the impact of the project

On workshops at the 4th Conference of Environment Ministers (23-25 June 1998, Aarhus) the NIS NGOs suggested to continue the activity, which had been started within the SOFIA+3 Project, and to put accent on the following directions of the NIS NGO activity in the future :

  • monitoring and evaluation of NEAP/LEAP progress gained after the 4th Conference of Environment Ministers;
  • facilitating elaboration and implementation of LEAPs through carrying out a number of intensive training courses on environmental management for representatives of local authorities with participation of experts from Governments, NGOs, Scientific Community, and Business and Industry group;
  • promoting NEAPs/LEAPs Best Practices experience exchange between CEE and the NIS;
  • facilitating the dialogue between NGOs, Governments and other Major Groups for the future environmental and economic benefits

These directions may enable more effective and comprehensive fulfillment of commitments taken by the Newly Independent States within framework of the "Environment for Europe" Process.

The OGI is currently looking for available resources and financial support for continuing this activity.