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Trans-boundary Environmental Cooperation Project

Goal of the Project

Facilitation of formulation of joint approached and development of recommendations aimed at resolving transboundary environmental problems between Ukraine and the neighboring countries, promoting establishing partnership between NGOs, governments, business, scientific institutions and local governments, strengthening NGO participation in the development of joint environmental policies related to resolving transboundary environmental problems on basis of public-private partnerships.

So far there have been four bilateral transboundary environmental cooperation meetings organized for such near-boundary regions as Ukraine - Moldova, the Russian Federation, Romania and Hungary have been organised. The important function of the meetings is also to promote co-operation establishment between different groups of local communities for practical resolving of urgent transboundary environmental problems and related to this social and economic problems of the communities involved. The representatives of related central government institutions, scientific institutions, local governments, state environmental protection departments and non-governmental organizations of near-boundary territories from each of the countries, as well as the representatives from embassies, UN Economic Commission for Europe, UNDP, USAID etc., participated in the meetings.