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The SOFIA+3 Project

NGO evaluation of National Environmental Action Plans in the New Independent States and NGO Common Agenda for the Future

MANAGED BY: OGI International

PROJECT LEADER: Dr. Mykhaylo Magal

PROJECT TYPE: Cooperative, regional short-term project. Satellite projects to the SOFIA+3 were planned to focus on national levels or enhance the project impact.

STARTED: September 1997.

SPONSORED BY: the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (Szentendre, Hungary), International Renaissance (Soros) Foundation in Ukraine and ISAR-West NIS


  • "ECO-Accord" (Russia),
  • Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives in Tajikistan,
  • Natura (Moldova),
  • Ukrainian Environmental Union "Salvation from Chornobyls" (Ukraine),
  • EcoPravo-Kyiv (Ukraine),
  • Society for NGO development and support (Ukraine),
  • National Ecological Center (Ukraine),
  • New REC NGO Coordination Council of Ukraine,
  • NGO Council to the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine,
  • Municipal Management Center (Ukraine),
  • Institute for Ecology (Ukraine),
  • Foundation "Unicorn",
  • Round Table of Belarusian Environmental NGOs.

UNDER PROMOTION OF: United Nations Development Programme, EAP Task Force (OECD),