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The SOFIA+3 Project

The problems encountered

Due to complicated social and, especially, economic situation in Ukraine and in the NIS it is extremely difficult to carry out financial management of projects. This takes a lot of effort.

Most NGOs haven't enough knowledge on environmental policy and NEAPs/LEAPs issues. Mainly they are oriented on resolving some local environmental problems. Usually NGOs don't have public relations strategies.

Socialskepticism of the certainimpact/intention of participation hampered more successful implementation of the Project.

Governments started to consider NGOs as essential part of the environmental projects/programs elaboration process, but during practical implementation of the projects/programs they completely forgot that NGOs should be involved, and that NGOs were able both to pay attention of the public at large to certainenvironmental problems and to carry out a lot of work at the lowest cost. There is no formal entry point for NGOs to be involved in practical implementation of governmental/municipal environmental programs.

There is an essential need of many NGOs to improve their project management skills. Due to economic problems in the NIS NGOs also need financial support of their activity, because it is difficult enough to find in-country sponsors in this situation.